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Lagportation of the past

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Some of you might recall me from the old days of the schtserv server back when the Gamecube population was actually active there.

I figure I may as well have a look about the other servers in search of a good place for us Gamecubers.

Oh, if you're confused about my "Lagportation" title, I used to connect via bluetooth to a GPRS cellphone - laggy isn't the word for it - and people would often see me teleporting all over the place (or see me several rooms back standing still - while enemies are simply falling to the ground all around them as on my end I was slaughtering the monsters).  Thankfully, I'm now on an actual broadband connection, so the lag issues of the past are now gone.

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Hey GBL! You helped me a bunch over on gamefaqs (kireeksouleater). Hope to see you online sometime... I am mostly dreaming of PSO because life keeps me away, but I'm around. Is the Cypher you mentioned from PSOQuest? My name there was Gemini Elf. That was so long ago. o_o



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Ok. I was thinking of Cypher Green. Pretty sure he was European as well, and your age, but I can't remember. 

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