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Welcome to Gal da Val

a Phantasy Star Online Gamecube Server
Take a moment to join us, head down to Ragol and join your fellow Hunters.


Welcome to Gal da Val - Mission and Vision of this Server

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Hello everyone and Welcome to Gal da Val!

It is named after the island in Episode II, one of my favorite areas of the game. 

Gal Da Val will serve and hopefully become the quintessential GameCube server. There are multiple other servers online but they do not seem to really cater to GameCube, but rather Blue Burst instead. Thus, I wanted to fill a void and a need in the Phantasy Star Online fanbase: a current, stable, and dedicated server for the GameCube platform. While the other servers that support GC are fine servers, it appears that development has halted or the community has seemed to appear stagnant.

My wish is for this community is to eventually unite and bridge all of the GameCube players together under one, once more. 

I love PSO. I love the legacy. I love the players and all the friends I've made. The server is running on a dedicated hosted  server. Uptime is guaranteed 100% with the exception of planned maintenance. We also have a recovery server online as well for staff/members to recover lost items. Currently in the process of acquiring and converting all the quests in addition to new custom quests being created that will be unique to Gal da Val. There will be a few series of quests in the works that has story arcs instead of just waves of monsters. 

A disclaimer I also wish to make as well. I will never solicit for donations for the maintenance and server upkeep. The best way to support this project and what I would like in return is for simply players to be active in the community and to play PSO with other players. Post on the forums. Spread the word and cultivate this community into a thriving one. Encourage and take the time to help out others both new and old players. Support one another. Keep the spirit of PSO alive. 

I have a couple of links that you may use to market and advertise the server. 

http://galdaval.com - main link
http://phantasystaronline.co - redirects to GDV
http://psogc.com - redirects to PSO GC as well.

Thank you everyone for your spirit and support. Happy Hunting!

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