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Welcome to Gal da Val

a Phantasy Star Online Gamecube Server
Take a moment to join us, head down to Ragol and join your fellow Hunters.


Gal da Val Server Connection Info

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I am happy to announce that the Gal da Val server is online and can accept connections. This server can and will be online 24/7.

***GAL DA VAL DNS - *** 


1) Have a copy/ISO of the game, as well as the BBA (Broadband Adapter).

2) Launch the game with the BBA hooked onto the bottom of the Gamecube. Also make sure you have an Ethernet cord running from the slot of the BBA to your router for internet access. Click into your options menu from the main title screen. Next, proceed to the Network Options menu. This will take you to the BBA settings screen. 

3) Once there, select any of the two options to use (doesn't matter which one) and then click the proceed button. In the first primary DNS slot, enter manually. Then, click through until you get to the end and save the file. 

4) Once on the menu screen, click the Online option. Select your character and Agree to the popup.... You should be greeted at Gal da Val's welcome screen.

At this time, all GameCube versions should be able to connect.

Currently, there are no additional quests. If any of you would like to create quests or send me quest files, please let me know. 

I am still working out the kinks and if you see or notice any bugs, let me know. Please provide as much information as possible. 

Thanks, everyone for keeping this community alive.




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Thank you for this info. Can you add what we need to do with serial/access key/password screens as i think this has to do with the reason why i cannot connect.

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