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  1. I'm BACK.

    Well everyone, I'm back.. And this time, it's for good. I've been having some hard times lately and I've had some help getting things back in track. Anyhoo, that's enough about my sad problems, let's get to the nitty-gritty. I am now working on more missions. Two are the 'Monster Bash 1 Expansion Pack', and the 'Welcome to Terror Tower' mission. These will take some time to complete as my young adult life consists of mostly spending time with my wife and kid. And don't worry, you'll see more of my nerdy game collection ... Getting back on track with what I was saying, I will be continuing to make missions for servers. SPOILER ALERT - Monster Bash 1 Expansion Pack will be given to Tommy on Thanksgiving day. So get out your forks and knives, we will be carving through boomas! -- Scorn
  2. Qedit

    Ah yes, my love and hate for this program.
  3. Seagate swapped 500GB
  4. Since I have 30 minutes of free time, I figured that I would post a topic on here since my appearance has been very scarce due to the extreme lack relaxation time that had occurred during the last 5 months or so... I have built a fully custom modded original Xbox with a new 500GB HDD with upgraded GPU and RAM.. I unlocked the PSO files so they could be FTP'd over my network and into my new hard drive. I have formatted Monster Bash from GCI to Xbox format and it seems to have loaded and is working.. I've been working on the Xbox version since it has been left on the side of the road to die once the servers were shut down. I'm currently in the process of connecting this to SCHTSERV for testing. I'm in the beginning stages of collecting packets of information to my computer from trying to sign through Xbox live. I'm at the point where I need to figure out what all information is in the packets and redirect those to an manually set IP. Hopefully soon, I'll be getting Xbox users back on... Hopefully.. Later.
  5. SCORNSERV Connection Guide

    The following is the procedure to connect to my own private server. Please note the server isn't on 24/7. ***Scornserv DNS -*** GameCube with BBA 1) Have a copy/ISO of the game, as well as the BBA (Broadband Adapter). 2) Launch the game with the BBA hooked onto the bottom of the Gamecube. Also make sure you have an Ethernet cord running from the slot of the BBA to your router for internet access. Click into your options menu from the main title screen. Next, proceed to the Network Options menu. This will take you to the BBA settings screen. 3) Once there, select any of the two options to use (doesn't matter which one) and then click the proceed button. In the first primary DNS slot, enter manually. Then, click through to you get to the end and save the file. 4) Once on the menu screen, click the Online option. Select your character and wholla... You are in my world now! P.S. - This guide has been typed up with one hand while feeding my baby, eating chips and playing with the dog all at the same time. Anything is possible kids... Stay in school. Peace out. My name is Scorn and I approve this message. From Tommy: At this time, until further notice, ScornServ has halted. Gal da Val is currently online and requires quest development.

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