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  1. Fixed using the Construct. Finally.
  2. Yeah I figured as much. I'll have to play through all the quests and hopefully it'll work out. If this quest you mentioned is an offline quest that'd be great cos it's easily done. If not unlocking Ultimate offline will mean beating Ep2 and I'm not gonna be ready for that for a while yet 🙄🙄🙄 :edit: Just had a quick Google and one of the quests that might fix it is The Construct. If not apparently TTF registers the difficulty as completed when finished so that's always an option.
  3. I just don't seem to catch a break at the minute lol So Yesterday I wanted to open my areas up on VH as I feel I can get to Ultimate. Anyway after clearing Forest and killing the Dragon, I go to the principal and he says nothing to do with it. Talks about how he's responsible for 30000 people etc. Anyway didn't think anything of it, thought I was tired so switched off and went to sleep. Wentto go Caves tonight but it's not unlocked. Anyway I go through Forest again, kill the Dragon, go to the principle and again, the same conversation. I speak to the Lab, and they are talking about De Rol Le 🤔🤔🤔 The only thing I think could of messed anything up is the downloaded quests which I did a few of before clearing Forest. One of which being Monster Bash 2 which involves killing De Rol Le. Anyone have a similar issue ever? Is there a way round it? Otherwise I'm stuck to just Online Ultimate when I hit 80 and mostly being on my own that is gonna be tough. 🙄🙁😔
  4. Yeah but I couldn't get to Very Hard offline at the time due to HP issues and low level techs because of Falz, however! Hunt went well, albeit lonely lol it took a whole day of online Land of Lily but I managed to find two Nars in one run, then another two on separate runs. Luckily I had some 20 techs saved for my hunewearl but I just used them and blasting through VH now. Now to reach 100 to make a summit moon and find that very elusive amplifier of red...
  5. Downloadable Quests

    So which quests exactly are downloadable for offline use? Noticed a couple do seem to freeze if I try, but a couple have worked. Just wondering 😁
  6. So my FOnewearl is currently able to access very hard online but not offline (damn dark falz and hardly any scapes) and I'm looking for anyone willing to help run through some quests with me this evening, probably the Land of Lily quest, in search of Nar Lily's and their God/Minds. 4 is the target! I'll be online from around 7:30 PM GMT if anyone fancies joining the hunt with me! I don't have a keyboard so communication will be minimal unfortunately but I'll try my best with the in game kb lol see ya soon!
  7. Baguette de France

    Hey! If I see you around I'll run with you, it's pretty quiet here but it's early days! I'm leveling my FOnewearl at the minute she's around 45. Anyway welcome and enjoy 🙏
  8. Yeah so I nipped onto Schthack, all is well, switched back to GDV and I just get the 'Cant connect to DNS server' message. I even input all the information fresh on a new provider tab. Stumped.
  9. Towards the Future Offline Download

    Just currently trying to download it, stuck at the please wait screen for ten mins. 🙁
  10. PSO Meetup

    I'd love to but I live in the UK. I have actually never met anyone who plays ;( Sucksss
  11. Hey guys. So first day today and enjoying it so far. Only seen one other online at the moment but it's fun! Schthack always felt... Weird. Anyway on topic, I know you've said in other posts how quests are being dealt with etc, and I don't fully understand yet if this is a server which allows cheating of any kind. I myself play legit and try my best to stick to it. But I came across two quests that just seem, too good to be true. One being the Rare Rappys quest and the other the Land of Lily quest. I've ran through both and damn, it makes certain things too easy. With the Rappys quest it's all Halloween Rappys. Now the Jack-o'-lantern drops arnt massively important, it's just Mag cells. It's the 756 experience these guys drop. There's a lot of Rappys here, and I can easily burn through the quest in 5 minutes with my Hell Raygun. That kicks TTF right in the nuts for experience. I've gone from 41 to 54 on my racast in about an hour. The lily quest isn't that bad, but the fact it's all lily's makes it very easy to find your rare Nar or Mil. Is this making things too easy for GameCube players? I haven't checked through the other quests to see if theirs similar but my main question is are they staying? It could take away from the whole group experience if people will just run the Rappys quest to exp. Anyway I guess it's always people's choice as to what they do, let's have fun either way! Peace.
  12. A second copy of PSO seen as my 2 year old got hold of my first disc 😒

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