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  1. PSO Recovery Server

    Guess I forgot that so I added it in. Save states will copy all items currently held on your character whenever you make a save. And loading that state or any other will send you to a game with those items already made in front of the teleporter to the principal. As for the char manager just dont use it at all.
  2. PSO Recovery Server

    From Tommy: I am happy to announce that the Gal da Val server is online and can accept connections. This server will only be turned accessible with authorization from Server Staff. ***GAL DA VAL RECOVERY DNS - *** I will explain some of its features real quick as it is mostly simple. The recovery server can make items for you, perfect for those who lack proxy, AR and such. It also has a save state feature which will copy a chars current inventory and keep it saved to be loaded any time, makes restoring several items fast and easy. Now about some of the item making features available. Weapons: Weapons and everything are sorted alphabetically (S-ranks are listed under the letter X). After picking your desired weapon, you can then pick a special, then you can add the %s, atfer that you can add the grind. NOTE: %s cannot exceed 100 and are not stackable. -%(negative), wrapped, and untekked are not available all the previous is skippable except for specials which only shows up for weapons that dont have a fixed special or lack of special completely. As for S-ranks you go to the naming part (not skippable), then you can pick a special (or not) then add grind (or not). Armors and Shields: Pick your armor or shield, after which you can pick how many slots it has(skipped for shields), then you can add the def/evp to it. NOTE: You are only adding to the armor/shield natural def/evp. Exceeding the items max WILL revert it to its min def/evp(whichever exceeded its max). I have seen several people do this wrong, so this prob needed explaining. Units: Not much to explain here, only that some units can have +/- or ++/--. Items: Same here, normal consumable can be stacked to x10, photon drop/sphere/crystal can be stacked to x99, and the rest is no stack. Techs: Very simple, choose a tech, then pick a lv. NOTE: Reverser has no lv(so its only lv1) and anti has a max lv of 7. PSO wont let you use anything higher. Mags: After picking a mag, you move onto its stats, def>pow>dex>mind. After that you can pick its color, then if possible pick its PB. NOTE: If the mags stats exceed 200 you will be forced to start from def again. All mags will have +5 def as it should show. Not all mags will be able to set PBs. Sync and IQ are always set at 120% and 200. You can make up to 30 items at a time before getting then. To collect your items pick the "Take Items" options to make a game where your items are. (This is done automatically) The items will be in front of the warp to the principals office. Restart will reset all items set before making a game (if any). New SAP option lets you reset you serial/access/pass info. NOTE: You need to go to back to online after picking a char to get to the info screen, then you can re-enter it. Save States: As breifly mentioned before, you can make inventory saves. You get 50 save slots. Save states will copy all items currently held on your character whenever you make a save. And loading that state or any other will send you to a game with those items already made in front of the teleporter to the principal. NOTE: Save states are GC# bound which is determined by serial. Resetting your serial info and such will get you a diff GC#, meaning you will be able to use any previous saves you may have made. Please remember this. Raw input: Does not work nor will it do anything. Char Manager: Character Initialization, can reset various info on that char such as mat usage, as well as other stuff. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LOSSES. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING. THESE ARE THE RULES. And thats all, post here for more questions about the server if you dont get something, and I should answere. Hope I didnt forget anything.
  3. TTF is where this problem was first noticed. The construct is what you want, dont know where its downloadable though.
  4. Thats a known issue with download quest, if you beat a boss in a download quest but you did not unlock the area already than you mess up the flags that determine unlocked areas. There is a quest that can fix this issue, but I dont know anything about it as I have never used it. To avoid this problem unlock all areas first before playing download quest with a boss
  5. Cat or Dog person?

    Cat person here. Dogs are ok too, my grandparents had several dogs, small noisey dogs.
  6. What is your favorite quest?

    I like Ep2 areas, that is CCA and seabed most, so most likely PW3. Towers are ok too.
  7. PSO Recovery Server

    While I lost the pics that previewed how the server worked from back then, I do have a flow chart of it still, but it was made back when the server itself was first made so its missing all the additions and changes ive made over time.

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