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  1. Hello everyone

    Hey Kireek! I still listen to your PSO music playlists on YouTube. Nice to see you are around.
  2. PSO Meetup

    I don't have a Wii. Any update on the December meet up date?
  3. Thanksgiving Event - Monster Bash Expansion

    That's awesome.. Haven't had a chance to check it out, but how long will it be online?
  4. Lagportation of the past

    Ok. I was thinking of Cypher Green. Pretty sure he was European as well, and your age, but I can't remember.
  5. PSO Meetup

    It's really difficult for me to get specific days off at work, but if you could give me a specific date as you get closer, that would be helpful. I am looking forward to it... Have been trying to convince people to play PSO for so long... omg. I don't think I've played offline multiplayer since 2004? Is Aion in Corona as well? I've got my GC controller ready, haha. Do I need to pick up a physical memorycard for myself?
  6. PSO Meetup

    I'm in SoCal as well, Chino Hills at the moment. Down to meet up then. How would we play offline? I use dolphin because my memory card, console, games, other valuables got stolen/lost by the movers when I went across country. I've been slowly recreating my characters when I have time here and there. I'm still bitter, my main memory card had my first character which never corrupted all those years... Only to be lost another way. </3
  7. PSO Meetup

    Travel out of state is not currently an option for me due to costs & time off, but you never know, I suppose! I'm in California, USA. Don't have any acquaintances here who play PSO.
  8. Lagportation of the past

    Hey GBL! You helped me a bunch over on gamefaqs (kireeksouleater). Hope to see you online sometime... I am mostly dreaming of PSO because life keeps me away, but I'm around. Is the Cypher you mentioned from PSOQuest? My name there was Gemini Elf. That was so long ago. o_o Cheers!
  9. Thanks for the replies! The issue I experienced was exactly as pictured in this thread: However, it is apparently working now... I didn't even change anything. I'll write back if anything else comes up. Also, I couldn't find a post with rules. Are NPC skins acceptable to use on this server?
  10. I just found this server and registered with the forums... I have spent some time looking through everything and can't find a way to register my SN/AK. So I was able to connect but failed to verify my SN/AK as well. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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