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  1. Hey, I guess the problem is right here. Did you use a code like "0000000000"? That's not working because the game blocks these kind of codes automaticly. You have to use more than one number in a random variation.
  2. You could just do the "Waterfall Tears" quest. There is a room in Cave 2 with nine Poison Lilys. Piping there is the perfect spot. I got this way a lot of God/HP's within two or three hours
  3. Video games for beginners?

    Depends on what you like... Are you talking about older games, like PSO? Or do you want to try the newer stuff? There are a lot of wonderful games on the Gamecube. For example: Star Fox Adventures, Pikmin, Pikmin 2 (especially this one!), Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2, Geist and many more. Maybe you like Pokémon, there are two games on the Gamecube, too (Pokémon "XD" and Pokémon Colosseum) And maybe you're into horror stuff, there is a very good horror game. It's called "Eternal Darkness", highly recomment it, I played it three years ago on my YouTube channel and it's just amazing. Best wishes!
  4. Introduction

    Hey, Chelsea! It's nice to have you on board. I look forward to meet you someday ingame!
  5. Anyone find this adorable?

    Wow...this is weird. I was listening to Wintersun (a Metal Band) and the music in combination with the video was...I'm confused now...
  6. Cat or Dog person?

    Hey! I'm definetly a dog person, but I like cats, too. Depends on the cat, I guess. There where a lot I met who liked me and who don't. Since February I have my Shepard girl "Ira", and the same what Foxy already said. I can't imagine living without her. She has the most beautiful smile on this planet, hands down!
  7. Yoh!

    Always nice to meet new people getting into the game. I look forward to meet you ingame soon!
  8. I have to say that I had the same problem on Scornserv. I downloaded a bunch of quests and they didn't show up at all. I'm also playing on my GameCube with BBA. I guess it's a GameCube thing then? I have no idea.
  9. Hey everyone! I guess it's time to introduce myself, since I've never really did that on the Discord Channel. Most of you should know me as "Michi / Rain" My name is Michael, I am 22 years old and I live in germany. I started playing PSO when I was a little boy. My brothers started playing it on the Dreamcast but they switched when it came out for the Gamecube. But I never really had the time to play PSO until my brother gave me his Gamecube. I created a new Character with the Name "Darkrai" and I still have him to this day, he has about 1010+ h playtime. Besides of PSO I have some more hobbies. I am a musician, I play guitar for more than six years now and I am working on my own music project which is called "BeetleTopia". The only music I feel at home is Heavy Metal, I love and live this music. Some of my favourite Bands are: Amon Amarth, Alestorm, Children Of Bodom, Disturbed, Eluveitie, Equilibrium, Ensiferum, Finntroll, Finsterforst, Grady, HammerFall, Lordi, In Flames, Nightwish, Orden Ogan, Powerwolf, Thunderstone, Wintersun and many many more! Another hobby is/was a YouTube Channel where I uploaded Let's Play and Gaming Videos. I kinda froze the Channel for a year now because of all the work I put in the videos and there is not really a fanbase or a lot of people who watch them. It's just not really worth it to create videos when there is...for example one person who watches your videos. But if you want to check my channel out, here you go: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_GlFuWWqUww8MW3Ty_nLjw?view_as=subscriber I also have a hobby which creeps out a lot of people. It's not very typical, especially for a german. I'm breeding exotic beetles, those who can be as big as your hand. I do this even longer than playing guitar. It's eight or nine years already...damn I'm getting old so quickly, lol. But yeah, this hobby kinda creeps people out, girls in particular. If you guys are interested, I could create a OffTopic Thread about this hobby. And what do I do for a living? I still live with my mom. I'm doing a night school course where I will graduate next year and can finally go to the university where I can learn my dream job: School teacher for the subjects English, Biology and Music. I guess that's all I can tell you guys about me. But one last thing I can add here in ths thread. Just in case you're wondering how a german PSO-Player looks like: The Photos are kinda up-to-date. My hair just grew longer.. That's it guys, thank you for your attention. If you have any question, just ask me! In germany we say: "Viele Grüße!" Michael
  10. Girl #3 Lv. 199 Game!!

    Yes those are the techniques of the Forces, because they can learn Disk up to level 30. I believe the faster casts start with Level 21 Disk's? Not sure, I always found Disks with a much higher level.
  11. What do you do for work?

    I'm 22, but I'm turning 23 in october.
  12. What do you do for work?

    You're just four years older than me. Same as you, I started preeeetty early with the game, not with the release because my brothers were playing it, but after two years of watching them I started getting into it.
  13. What do you do for work?

    Actually I live still with my mom. At the moment I'm doing a night school course, where I want to finish my "Abitur" (it's the german word for High School I believe). After that I want to be teacher for the subjects English, Biology and Music.
  14. I rather prefer Hunters. My favourite class is HUcast, but it kinda pisses me off that they have the lowest ATA of all Hunters. So it's means that you need a Mag with at least 50 DEX or something and a lot of weapons with Hit %. And for me Forces and Rangers are sharing the 2nd Place, they are both very fun but in a different way.

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