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  1. Hello everyone

    Hey! the famous KIREEK PSO
  2. I'm BACK.

    This is awesome.
  3. Qedit

    Wow, this is complex as hell!
  4. Hello Hunters! I'm kinda inactive on PSO but i haven't forgot you guys. In the meantime, while trying to not die in College, i like to keep adding games to my Gamecube collection, this was the chance for me to get Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. I read you and keep playing PSO.
  5. Hello Im YaRiKa!

    Hey Yarika! good to have you here on the forums Nice to meet you, i'm from Chile!
  6. Wow!!! Amazing dude!!! I'm looking forward to use an original Xbox and see how was the voice chat feature on PSO!
  7. PSO through the Nintendo Wii

    Thanks a lot!
  8. If you are playing PSO on Wii and you simply hate the "mediocre" in-game keyboard, here's a quick solution: You will need an USB keyboard for this to work, i'm using a $5 Farco USB keyboard. Simply plug the keyboard in the second USB port at the back of your Wii and during PSO gameplay just press Control + Alt + F12 at the SAME TIME. And there you go, now you can send to hell the in-game keyboard and start typing like the pros.
  9. What is your favorite quest?

  10. What is your favorite quest?

    Although i love Monster Bash and TTF, my favorite quest is Phantasm World #2. Such a great quest with great music and enemies.

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