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  1. Server down ?

    Hey all. Server is back up. Sorry for the delay.
  2. Hi, I apologize for the delay - i was with my family. Are you still having any issues?
  3. Are you on a GameCube, Wii or dolphin?
  4. At what step are you having issues? What is the dns that you have inputted? Are you receiving any any error codes?
  5. PSO Meetup

    We'll have to go get a beer.
  6. PSO Recovery Server

    It should be up. I'll restart it.
  7. Thanksgiving Event - Monster Bash Expansion

    November 22, 2017. Wednesday evening at 9pm CST.
  8. Hello everyone! @Scorn has been working on a Thanksgiving event. We all know and love Monster Bash. What if it offered a little more? Launching on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23, 2017, Gal da Val will have a special quest uploaded under Events. To give you a little taste of what's going on... There'll be mazes! There'll be rappies! There'll be boomas! It's gonna be bashing monsters! So get out your forks and knives, we will be carving through boomas! See you all this weekend.
  9. There should be a specific TTF downlowdable version.
  10. PSO Meetup

    Yeah, I can get GC memory cards for all of us. We can load up all of our save files and we'll go to split screen.
  11. PSO Meetup

    This probably won't be till late December. How does that sound for you guys? @Rapture @Aion
  12. PSO Meetup

    I'll be in Corona, @Rapture. I can bring a GameCube/Wii. We can use GCMM to move our Dolphin files to an actual GC memory card! haha.
  13. PSO Meetup

    Where in California? I'll be traveling to Sacramento area and Southern California area in December. @Aion is also in SoCal.
  14. Lagportation of the past

    Good to see you here, man! Hopefully we can play together sometime soon.

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