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  1. Hey guys, the galleries are online! Post your in-game screenshots and we can chat about them! http://galdaval.com/gallery/
  2. Gamecube Player Group Photo 2

    A lot of Gamecube players online at the same time.
  3. Gamecube Player Group Photo

    A lot of Gamecube players online at the same time.
  4. As you can call see, this is a current work in progress. We're currently in the midst of having a custom designed theme, something that can be unique to our little community. After the base theme is completed, we'll be incorporating aspects of the game to to make it more intentional and unique. Any suggestions and feedback would be welcomed!
  5. I have a HUcast but the damage is insane with that 1639 ATP! That ATP plus a weapon with 100% combined with a four-way PB blast Shifta/Deband is insane. I have a HUmar and I think he's a good mix. However, the HUcast can also help out the team a lot with traps. Traps are invaluable especially when you're dealing with difficult or a swarm of enemies.

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