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  1. Gal da Val Lobby

    From the album Server

    Initial players connect to Gal da Val
  2. Gal da Val Lobby

    From the album Server

    Initial players connect to Gal da Val
  3. Gal da Val Lobby

    From the album Server

    Initial players connect to Gal da Val
  4. IMPORTANT INFORMATION This code list was originally compiled by Silenced55. Proper credit is given where it is known. If a credit is missing or incorrect, please notify me and I'll fix it. The codes are formatted as follows: Code Name Note Creator Porter Enable Code Enable Code Datel CGNU-JEUM-R6RPY H61N-1BVE-P9NC4 BR17-8MM0-4HET7 CT37-0JCP-YN9BW AC6T-YDMQ-XQN40 UV6P-TJ8K-4E1NP FVX0-5R4C-WBDCC Stat Codes Infinite HP Datel ZRKG-MZC3-05RFH JV93-JTD6-4TMEE G1CH-34Y8-HMX9F PZ32-633H-0Z4VG KFBP-G662-F6WC3 Infinite TP Datel 7H26-DDNH-P4V8M 0ZJ9-TRM1-248R9 5ZHB-DZ89-EEU4B 3UW5-ZCQC-9FYN3 99D8-35XZ-530T0 9KKU-VA4C-HJ05A Stats Dependent On Meseta Amount soulja224466 XE2B-E1J9-E8R4Q ADDU-CB16-W97ZY Y4T6-PYW9-RPEMX WNGJ-CE27-A0VJF K7Z5-9PMJ-4NV4B J4UJ-FD09-F68P2 2P0R-91HN-M9YDW Max Stats: HUmar (Press L) Jei*376 X6MJ-1Q1X-FNATM UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 B3BG-QK9P-TPD2P BK87-B2XD-VDQ8K A3C5-KH9Z-KA6GA 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: HUnewearl (Press L) Jei*376 TRVU-JZCV-X7Z2M UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 XR35-1YZW-EP7G1 8FN1-336P-4P8UA C7D5-KR8F-JZ69P 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: HUcast (Press L) Jei*376 NW2T-K6V3-2DGCY UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 FV1E-YGQX-J12ZA WFDZ-6879-1T1K1 33KN-JGGP-RFMX7 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: HUcaseal (Press L) Jei*376 X78C-MM16-1JA6Y UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 DUQ2-V4W0-E2MU3 XXUV-HQE5-HAA56 R6FE-47UG-71C46 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: RAmar (Press L) Jei*376 CWAP-RQHT-YM1U8 UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 T09T-0JWN-6DRYG 2BK8-NV68-MBV0W 7A69-2KNU-ZXFV9 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: RAmarl (Press L) Jei*376 PNGW-2KFP-NNXP3 UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 V552-313T-VC57X 2BK8-NV68-MBV0W MATZ-6GR9-746P5 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: RAcast (Press L) Jei*376 7M8M-Z9AF-AUX41 UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 6FHP-93JF-73K0E MTTT-377Q-NWVV8 G5WT-WB2T-NXH9M 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: RAcaseal (Press L) Jei*376 QZUN-HAHY-XM32V UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 JDK8-B3W7-RE8R0 6D8H-5GV2-96TGV RDMN-YK2T-0PX5Q 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: FOmar (Press L) Jei*376 Q5DB-9D2M-HQXQ5 UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 8KZD-XNA5-QZ3GT CTWB-GJ8N-1YTC3 Q600-D67R-KJ6QW 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: FOmarl (Press L) Jei*376 RPH3-G9FG-PZ7NB UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 HMMY-8766-7G6CF 418P-Y981-9DZKT 92PR-C7HG-41W7C 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: FOnewm (Press L) Jei*376 RNQH-NA12-T62RV UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 YYP4-PMVU-CKXVN 5Z5K-4UZA-T3D32 R7H8-878N-40MUY 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Max Stats: FOnewearl (Press L) Jei*376 U34E-73F1-6YEY5 UBZY-1FGR-NMN29 7R1U-63FA-HH8VA UM3Z-BZA2-0PDB3 EAEF-DXT6-ABWVR 9RDC-87NE-4PXNF E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP The Mega Ownage Code Jei*376 YR1F-TWEA-JDP0A 4ET2-QG4H-KEPB0 NTRH-NG92-TPPBP 14A2-TP4W-Q42W6 // Gives mega ATP and ATA. // Press "L"button til it clicks when on Pioneer 2. // make sure you equip your wep. That is the wep your stats will be based on. // If you change your wep, you will draw negatives. // To activate on another wep, load a quest, equip the new wep and return to game. // Then press “L” again and that wep will now have the stats and no negatives. Max Techs soulja224466 0E1V-WT0J-U32MJ U6BQ-5YWW-Q39YX Maintain HP DoShA DWF1-EXX8-GC4G0 5G20-XH76-BCR22 P9F2-N4QV-JCNT0 9777-TX7M-J53C4 BMPZ-82QM-9VXJZ Maintain Resists DoShA TBHQ-P15G-2D7GT UAAY-9F1T-NG465 6Y7A-0PW8-9DU8K UYWZ-6MZ0-G1PGX 95M8-BPGZ-RBKK0 83V7-XJ36-V6ZRG 107Y-BY79-QPYCZ CNQR-EWQ6-7M38T K4A0-6EJN-TZ6KZ Maintain Stats DoShA 9YD0-5EAE-XGARJ 0TD2-2M0X-M62BA HX7W-6506-EVFJN QW2E-YP4X-U4NZ8 4A3P-MTG5-WVNQM XDU4-W9E8-WDUPC AFY2-QW05-D3JFP D478-NKGB-6P61V Self Revival (Press R) DoShA M206-AYQP-DHG7D 9Z8Y-ZKB8-MD3KY U1GV-V26T-2FWGA E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Level/EXP Codes All Kills Worth XXXX Experience Fuzziqer Software 07FF3C45 08000000 041B0DB0 3BC0XXXX // X = EXP Value (in Hex). Affects every enemy in the game. // Your number does not appear when you kill an enemy, but it is added to your total. Level Modifier (Press L+R+D-UP) soulja224466 07FF0062 08000000 0A588EA0 00000068 04D9D7B4 XXXXXXXX Level 200 (Press L) Jei*376 EPWT-TTMJ-702UK P4MW-KRRZ-QNV4P 8M2B-3CZ7-4A9QM Level Up Slowly (Hold L) Jei*376 8G7D-X590-QT60P P4MW-KRRZ-QNV4P REQ3-8NH7-8T982 Level Down to Level 1 (Press D-Down+L) Jei*376 H0DW-9Q44-GNUV4 9EZM-9JTY-JC8CH RDRX-PJ3W-557JC K66H-ZHMH-KVRVN Level 999 Textual Code (Press D-Down+L) soulja224466 QVYR-9AAC-N5MFT XYT0-3DN2-YKDVX D9AG-WTPE-D6NPZ LV200 Normal/Challenge Mode S1-S4 SCMFXT UR2W-1CC6-JB0FU FZMZ-UB6R-Z2MQ6 9GWX-HA6M-73BFC P70B-X27F-91RGU JZ25-FQPT-GM453 // Kill BOOMA or RAPPY. // Do not use this code on Challenge Mode S5-S9 or EP2 Challenge mode. // Do not use this code for Normal Game (Story Mode) on Episode 2. // This code will not work on Episode 2. // This code will work on Episode 1 all areas and Challenge Mode EP1. // Do not use this code in Towards The Future. Will FSOD on Mines 2 area. LV200 Normal/Challenge Mode S1-S4 SCMFXT P3X9-U1T1-XUF4B C2BY-XZAA-3HNHY 1Z1P-DGUN-6HNT6 // Kill BOOMA or RAPPY. // Do not use this code on Challenge Mode S5-S9 or EP2 Challenge mode. // Do not use this code for Normal Game (Story Mode) on Episode 2. // This code will not work on Episode 2. // This code will work on Episode 1 all areas and Challenge Mode EP1. // Do not use this code in Towards The Future. Will FSOD on Mines 2 area. LV200 Normal/Challenge Mode S5-S9 SCMFXT 9U2M-1GZJ-3WY3X FZMZ-UB6R-Z2MQ6 HMF8-KBWY-T4RDD 1Z1P-DGUN-6HNT6 P70B-X27F-91RGU TUT0-GR2Y-67HNG C2E4-9UGE-VYVFC // Kill LILY or RAPPY. // Do not use this code on Challenge Mode S1-S4. // Do not use this code for Normal Game (Story Mode) on Episode 1. // This code will FSOD at all Dragon Bosses on EP1 and all Caves bosses will be invincible. // This code will work on Episode 2 all areas and Challenge Mode EP2. // YOU CAN use this code on Gol Dragon. You will NOT FSOD. Use this for C2 EP2. // Barba Ray invincible with this code. Epsilon boss invincible. // Do not use this code in Towards The Future. Will FSOD on Mines 2 area. // Formerly known as LV200 All-In-One. Level 145 Code SCMFXT HTCB-M15Y-FQKF0 E4BP-6DDU-NWMAT // Kill BOOMA or RAPPY. BOOMA will give make you LV146. RAPPY will make you LV126. // BOOMA and RAPPY have very high HP. Equipping 4x God/Power will speed the process. Level Up Slow 7KEE-YE3C-715T6 Z19V-NKYZ-TXQM9 // Kill LILY. Used in Caves in Normal Mode only on Episode 1. // Do not kill GUIL SHARK or you will become LV200. Android Technique Codes Androids Have 9,999 TP soulja224466 2BM6-7Y3J-JT7G5 PPTZ-HT7E-M6ZN1 Max Techs soulja224466 0E1V-WT0J-U32MJ U6BQ-5YWW-Q39YX Techs Cost Zero TP soulja224466 E89M-9WMD-4NWZH BK55-N6YD-CPGW7 Androids Have Tech Menus soulja224466 3P7B-PY7G-KZN6G 9W10-87H4-0PDV7 M25P-3YDF-MMA54 Fast Techniques DoShA 687V-ZCZ0-DA0ZC N5F3-FR8J-UX2NB Character Modifier Codes Section ID and Class Modifier soulja224466 07FF0008 08000000 02D9D2EC 0000XXYY XX: 00-Viridia 01-Greenill 02-Skyly 03-Bluefull 04-Purplenum 05-Pinkal 06-Redria 07-Oran 08-Yellowboze 09-Whitill YY: 00-HUmar 01-HUnewearl 02-HUcast 03-RAmar 04-RAcast 05-RAcaseal 06-FOmarl 07-FOnewm 08-FOnewearl 09-HUcaseal 0A-FOmar 0B-RAmarl Name Color Modifier (X = color in ARGB; Press L) Jei*376 07FF0002 08000000 4A588EA0 00000040 04D9D2D4 XXXXXXXX Hair Color Mod 07FF0B4B 08000000 04D9D2FC XXXXXXXX Dressing Room Always Open & Free soulja224466 MFC1-ZTPH-ZF949 4MYY-07VT-1JDJB QDVX-BMWJ-HYW4T U6RQ-KR48-5Y3Q5 NPC Codes Ninja soulja224466 5C82-158X-39HB7 9MV6-W9JA-FZ6T1 PKTX-6Y6N-7PJ2G C2DN-ZZ6F-V8723 P20T-BC1N-6ZDPU CR58-CX6A-N477Z 1MB0-FN85-W63A1 Rico soulja224466 9M8M-GD5P-8TEXE 9MV6-W9JA-FZ6T1 PKTX-6Y6N-7PJ2G 6FMP-5VR0-QB6W1 P20T-BC1N-6ZDPU CR58-CX6A-N477Z 1MB0-FN85-W63A1 Sonic soulja224466 MVHN-ZKFB-QHX5M 9MV6-W9JA-FZ6T1 PKTX-6Y6N-7PJ2G 975H-MHB4-RBU4V P20T-BC1N-6ZDPU CR58-CX6A-N477Z 1MB0-FN85-W63A1 Knuckles soulja224466 J4PJ-UPGE-AMT9T 9MV6-W9JA-FZ6T1 PKTX-6Y6N-7PJ2G MEU3-5QRV-2E9FA P20T-BC1N-6ZDPU CR58-CX6A-N477Z 1MB0-FN85-W63A1 Tails soulja224466 3CMG-J0RD-FF0K4 9MV6-W9JA-FZ6T1 PKTX-6Y6N-7PJ2G FCU7-VYY8-BDEEB P20T-BC1N-6ZDPU CR58-CX6A-N477Z 1MB0-FN85-W63A1 Flowen soulja224466 QGMK-XGZQ-7RPZP 9MV6-W9JA-FZ6T1 PKTX-6Y6N-7PJ2G AA2K-FB9Q-DGAER P20T-BC1N-6ZDPU CR58-CX6A-N477Z 1MB0-FN85-W63A1 Elly soulja224466 W6EK-DNPZ-K0T1H 9MV6-W9JA-FZ6T1 PKTX-6Y6N-7PJ2G DWWF-7CBZ-9MG76 P20T-BC1N-6ZDPU CR58-CX6A-N477Z 1MB0-FN85-W63A1 ONLINE: To become the desired npc in a lobby, have one of the codes on. Then go online and select which BLOCK you want to STAY in. You cannot change your block after becomming the NPC. Now create a team and laod a quest (ex: Lost Heat Sword). Ok, now go the lady at the counter in the guild. Holz the "Z" button and hit "return to lobby". Continue holding Z until you appear in the lobby as your NPC. Another thing to know is that to become Rico, Elly, or Flowen, you must be a HUMAR at MAXIMUM HEIGHT. Otherwise the skin swap will FAIL. Also note, you may NOT: Change blocks, enter/create games, meet users. When you want to log off just turn the POWER OFF - DO NOT QUIT AND SAVE! OFFLINE: The old offline NPC codes sucked, that’s putting it lightly also. To play as an NPC offline, start pso with the code like you would for online (see above online codes). Except, this time, start an Normal Offline Single Player game. Then load a quest (ex: Battle Training). While loading the quest hold “Z” until you appear in the pioneer2. Once you appear you will be your NPC. Then you can quit the quest to go back to normal play or complete the quest. Also, to “save” the NPC quit and save this time. Now your character will be a little weird. On the character select screen the NPC will appear as a normal character with the ID of “????”. Do not panic, to become the NPC now that you saved it you no longer need the code. Simply start a single player offline game, and load a quest. You will once again will become the NPC, except this time you don’t have to use the code or hold “Z”. WARNING: DO NOT ATTMEPT TO GO ONLINE WITH THE NPC’ED “????” ID CHARACTER – YOU WILL BE BANNED! Bankmod Codes Standard BankMod 1C6F-WNTK-36UPG HYKB-67DA-W56UR AJQQ-KUE9-7QCED 7WNN-6XRA-41XH5 Jokered Meseta Bankmod soulja224466 DJJZ-JB31-7JCWM 7WNN-6XRA-41XH5 7R3D-742A-TVB01 HYKB-67DA-W56UR AJQQ-KUE9-7QCED RQCD-2M6P-ZKGCM M4MR-V5TZ-DKHUX Meseta Bankmod soulja224466 61NH-PP6Q-3H8JG HYKB-67DA-W56UR AJQQ-KUE9-7QCED 7WNN-6XRA-41XH5 1) Enter the code in your AR, and activate it 2) After the game starts, go into your bank and withdraw all your meseta 3) Put one item in the bank. This item will be changed to what you mod it to. 3) Decide which item you want to be in your bank, it will be in the first slot 4) Take that value and convert it to decimal form. *ex: 003400 = Red sword, 003400 = 13312 in decimal* 5) Now depost 13,312 meseta into your bank. 6) Now goto take item and your red sword will be there! Meseta Codes Never Lose Dropped Meseta Fuzziqer Software 9PPD-8TUN-8NV2A 0W9M-XY71-U97KF WXU8-Q3FT-3U7TG Max Meseta In Bank (Press D-Down+D-Right) Jei*376 A0E6-4WZR-JN343 FZB5-1NH9-N08UK ZU8M-246Y-CUG9E Max Meseta In Wallet (Press D-Up) soulja224466 GA2D-EH76-E481G V6ZN-AU3R-A8K0B YKZ9-EZWC-UJ7ZC God of Equip Codes God of Equip (Equip Anything) soulja224466 URPF-J9NB-BZZ26 B7QC-198V-B35WJ Partial God of Equip soulja224466 DTJ9-F6VU-Z16Q1 1QKT-CTFM-M0C7T VB3Y-XWCT-K9VT8 T67V-AG5E-AQ8AT 0479-RWKV-M0PGV Mag Codes Get a Photon Blast on Every Hit Fuzziqer Software MRZQ-1PN5-41KF7 Q9HP-F1F2-P8JGF Farlla Damage Modifier Fuzziqer Software HRYQ-MMKG-P7KYW ZER0-YQYP-J4TZF KTCJ-MU23-N1PQZ Always Feed Mag soulja224466 JW1V-4BBM-YG34D MB9D-KKH7-C6067 One Monomate Maxes Sync/IQ soulja224466 97QC-3MXC-EEXNF D9QR-F45M-6GGNK 2VGF-P98G-R1JHQ Chat Codes Fast Chat soulja224466 YEPR-D3BJ-B933G 431Z-TY34-0FUVF Symbol Chat Hack DoShA EWM5-D6PN-JGHX9 9Z8Y-ZKB8-MD3KY VB62-CM49-8C3WU WEF1-F25G-TMKEQ BAJH-5XUF-P82M2 R6F8-ZPW9-APE8N 85TZ-T6JX-H4FGF UR59-091F-PCV97 G0E7-AB0K-06NMC E64X-QPY1-6ENXM 5Q98-GBWX-0G2Z7 RVMP-5UV3-UMZ4W 64H7-THT2-9PB1R J91C-CFH4-CNAX7 EYRW-19TE-GGF94 6425-ZB9J-79AWH Lobby/Pioneer 2 Codes Invisible in Lobby/Pioneer 2 soulja224466 P0V5-KDR0-PTJDA B8Y5-FU0T-PVJWF Have a Black Name in Lobby soulja224466 6P9F-7GCT-R2P9J 9MV6-W9JA-FZ6T1 J458-083J-TYEAD U2WD-RCT6-76BNH P20T-BC1N-6ZDPU 79UP-MJAX-3BF8T BDJX-WKBX-ZWWTK Hover in Lobby Online (P4 Press F1) DoShA 05K0-9MET-F7C4E DV3J-A71F-1W352 43BM-0G01-9BE2K See Weapons and Mag in Pioneer 2 soulja224466 Y82V-NH8T-JFXJ2 B6M6-W4R1-8Q7N7 Use Techniques in Town soulja224466 UQU9-H49N-2JQBV 1QUP-41UE-KB85Y HAMH-CEJ0-WZEW7 7BWH-6923-H3TUC // Hold R to activate. then u can use any techs that are on ur R button shortcuts. not tested alot, so dont bitch at me. Close All Doors DoShA AQ48-V71X-HXT2M DV3J-A71F-1W352 TX33-JFXZ-RFVU1 Area/Difficulty/Quest Codes All Areas Open soulja224466 9FWM-ANB3-W9GZH DV2A-7DZ9-3C929 8RC5-P0KZ-QWG7B Area Warp Modifier soulja224466 07FF0025 08000000 0A588EA0 00000001 025111C6 000000YY // YY = area value. ## - EPISODE 1 / EPISODE 2 00 - Pioneer 2 / Pioneer 2 01 - Forest 1 / VR Temple Alpha 02 - Forest 2 / VR Temple Beta 03 - Caves 1 / VR Spaceship Alpha 04 - Caves 2 / VR Spaceship Beta 05 - Caves 3 / Central Control Area 06 - Mines 1 / Jungle North (Amazon) 07 - Mines 2 / Jungle South (Mountain) 08 - Ruins 1 / Mountains 09 - Ruins 2 / Seaside Daytime 0A - Ruins 3 / Seabed Upper Levels 0B - Dragon / Seabed Lower Levels 0C - De Rol Le / Gal Gryphon (crashes sometimes) 0D - Volt Opt / Olga Flow 0E - Dark Falz / Barba Ray 0F - Lobby 1 / Gol Dragon 10 - SPACESHIP / Seaside Nighttime 11 - TEMPLE / Tower 4th Floor Normal Mode to Ultimate Mode Offline DoShA 8GFF-N09Y-E374V 9Z8Y-ZKB8-MD3KY NKRC-NUWV-GG8Z1 E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP To use this code you must complete ALL of the forest (that includes killing the Dragon). Then quit and save your game. Quest On/Off Switch (Z=on, R=off) soulja224466 YE9T-3EJT-RBBX3 UCMB-Q467-QFFV9 U6ND-42EH-7M6WR 4WC3-WK4E-P108T 1CMB-GXPY-7AKU2 All Quests Available (even in Ep2) soulja224466 K39H-FETX-0WB2H EX5U-QEGR-68YDX E9MK-JDW4-88MPJ Weapon/Item/Trap Codes No Weapon Lag (Press D-Up) Jei*376 3A08-Q1VB-013M5 V6ZN-AU3R-A8K0B FFBU-5G4M-PCYY1 Carry More than 30 Items Fuzziqer Software XAMR-TZ0C-Z6U35 J002-4GJV-1M8AN JNBQ-4JQR-T6TXK Have All Traps (Press D-Up+R) soulja224466 0UWH-FZFQ-07AR3 51P6-YAYE-4QTZ0 ZR01-N77U-F8AVG Infinite Traps Fuzziqer Software BWRE-XNRU-NFNZ3 8HUC-2EW8-UFP6A Dark Flow's Special Always Works Fuzziqer Software HD1P-10GQ-WMUWJ TF41-3CPD-YC36K Never Miss Fuzziqer Software 7A9V-HJKZ-81RZC FTYV-GA61-E36F3 Infinite Item Usage soulja224466 2CNW-3XHZ-QCDT9 JGVA-5YY4-C23WC HGR0-EDRJ-M8K5D "Always 3 hits with turbo on." DoShA DRGY-DD1P-MQAYX K48W-HHCE-TFTNM Miscellaneous Codes Anti Kamikaze FSOD soulja224466 BZNG-Z6AZ-3TRAE WK9H-4PB7-8BKHB 47YT-89JW-HHH85 Z1DE-HPMF-VZKDF H5VR-PBKX-VA7J3 1GXC-CUPD-YXM67 1 Hit Kills (Players and Enemies) soulja224466 MAZA-E15Q-D98FZ DEKV-KPM4-4AHR4 1 Hit Kills (Players only) soulja224466 UQJC-UEMY-C6KJM 3EEP-17U5-60PR7 11P2-PFZH-ZJY10 F9M2-JFB4-C13T8 9JX9-QWQC-MHJJE CUJB-B9YA-QNNNR K47J-2N8D-HHDED Delete Saved License Information soulja224466 H2UJ-55DN-YF50F DVT5-MK4A-VR01U WHBM-GFJ0-MRGV0 Resta Kills You soulja224466 7WFT-87FH-MPU01 ZD2W-17AE-DBBBT 7G2N-GF7T-BWUBD Telepipe Anywhere Soulja224466 N4Q8-X0NW-8P8GW NX2G-QEYR-ZFNPE 5H7R-0A2E-3UGBC W8NF-8Z8Z-Z2D55 ZEX4-4HN6-9JFGQ Jokered Full WTW soulja224466 7Y93-EFKZ-9kA9G 7BQY-UC23-PQP5J PRRV-67Q1-HC27E GNET-1NHN-WD085 BY20-DJ3W-X9J7D J8PP-EDPX-17Z1V A838-J6GZ-ZY2D7 HA01-DEVT-XYG97 E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP 9Z8Y-ZKB8-MD3KY 4DTK-VNJH-5AKZZ 3XER-NG37-EZ00E H3HQ-A9U9-KJ2ZD KBUG-04QP-DBA7D MDC1-6HRJ-QRNQB WN98-KCPN-JW00U E9FZ-A3QA-YCERP Gem Target soulja224466 JRQQ-3BUA-J6CP4 1PXJ-8F4F-0UM2X 1QKT-CTFM-M0C7T 1CMY-MD3P-A9AER T67V-AG5E-AQ8AT TRHB-1C92-CW0R1 T463-K5CK-0UB1K XGCA-MFJK-6YWB6 CW7E-68JF-EBFMJ G75Y-J3AG-DJ3T7 DoShA TMR0-ZFR4-R55PM DCZ5-U4EB-CXJZW Skip Intro Shit at Startup Silenced55 NAFG-4KDU-D9FFN 5FME-BVW7-6VAJH Lobby Animations Everywhere DoShA 07FF0B2B 08000000 0A588EA0 00000020 04D9CB18 XXXXXXXX 0A588EA0 00000040 04D9CB18 00010001 Run = 000F0001 Walk = 00070001 Hit = 00060001 Punch = 00020001 Kick = 00030001 Kick = 00040001 Guard = 00050001 Fall = 000A0001 Hit = 000B0001 Fall = 000C0001 Push = 000D0001 Photon Blast = 000E0001 Slap = 00110001 Walk Guard = 00100001 Punch = 00120001 Kick = 00130001 View full article
  5. Check it out guys! My Phantasy Star Online character, Girl #3 that I've had for over 16 years is hitting Lv. 199. This was a great game, playing with other high level Forces. We obliterated everything.
  6. Girl #3 Lv. 199 Game!!

    Yep, Lv. 30. Also make ale forces Cast faster unequipped or with a Fist type item. Female Forces Cast faster with items.
  7. I don't remember this was taken but it was a few months ago. I loved this day. It was incredible to see a bunch of GC players online at the same time. It really made me miss the old days when everyone was on the servers. Now we are few but dedicated. I always loved seeing all of you online and playing together. http://galdaval.com/gallery/image/1-gamecube-player-group-photo/?browse=1
  8. What do you do for work?

    That's awesome, where do you go to school?
  9. Hello everyone, As some of you may have heard, ScornServ is currently no longer active. We plan on keep it alive! Stay tuned for more information... We're looking into other options at a new home for the server and/or possibly a VPS solution. Let us know your thoughts and ideas. Thanks!
  10. PSO Recovery Server

    Hopefully soon within the next two weeks, I'm building a computer for this.
  11. I scheduled a game with other players for next week, Sept. 15th 1800 GMT. They're fellow high level Forces. I've had Girl #3 for 16 years now and I look forward to finally leveling her up to Lv. 199. I've been holding off playing with her since I wanted to find others to play with. I intend on recording the game. Perhaps I should livestream it. Looking forward to playing with Thief (FOnewm, Lv. 198), Hatsume Miku (FOnewearl, Lv. 199) and Lilly (FOmarl, Lv. 198)!!
  12. Check out the Calendar Event
  13. Lv. 199 Game

    See here for more details
  14. High Level Forces

    Found a rarity, four high level Forces online at the same time. Looking forward to playing with them.
  15. Hey everyone! @lionel wrote a pretty awesome and thorough guide on connecting with the Wii. Check it out!
  16. Hahaha... you're not even halfway there! Lv. 183 is the halfway point in terms of overall EXP points. I've been playing this for 16 years, off and on. I have four Lv. 200s, a Lv. 198, and two Lv. 156s.
  17. FOmar is tricky to play. He's kind of in a weird in-between Force and Melee. I have a Lv. 200 FOmar, I don't play with him often. I figured, since I started him, I may as well finish, lol.
  18. You may also know me by my various characters; Girl #3 (FOnewearl), ToAnh (HUmar), Altair (FOmar), Boy (FOnewm), Allison (HUnewearl) and Deadlift (HUcast) I've been playing this game since 2000 when it originally came out on Dreamcast. Then in 2001, I began playing it on Gamecube. Been playing off and on ever since. I graduated high school in 2008 and after that, I went into the military (Marine Corps) for six years. After separating from the service, I ran my own full time photography business for a few years. I've returned to school now and currently working on my bachelor's in psychology and IT. I've also had a career as well as a systems and network administrator / engineer. During my free time, I like to hang out with my two awesome cats and my even more awesome beautiful girlfriend. I love all sorts of music and movies. I also love to do whatever I can to learn more about web development and design. There's something about it that just gets my rocks off!
  19. What do you do for work?

    Bunch of youngin's!
  20. Hello hunters! The Hunter's Guild is our discord server, where we can chat (and voice chat) in real time. This is great during games and events. Come chat with us! https://discord.gg/sVvCgDe
  21. Hey guys! If you haven't noticed yet, but we have a welcome/introduction board, within our Lobby. It'd be awesome to get to know more of you guys and however much you would like to share about your life outside of Phantasy Star as well. Check it out! http://galdaval.com/forum/11-introductions-and-welcome/ I'd love for this to be a real true community, and even more so, a family. I really do care about each player here, both in and outside of PSO. I remember a few years ago, there was a PSO player who was going through a rough time while in college. She was stressed about not being able to afford textbooks so a few of us gathered our funds and gave her a decent amount for textbooks. Make an introduction and welcome others!
  22. What do you do for work?

    How old are you? I'm 27.
  23. What do you do for work?

    That's crazy! I didn't know you were that young! Fun fact, I've been playing this game longer than you have been alive! Haha. I first began playing this game in 2000 on the original Dreamcast version. Now, 17 years later... I am still playing it. haha.

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