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  1. I'm BACK.

    I’m gonna deep fry some rappies.
  2. PSO, Episode III but I haven't had time to get into it. I wanted to check it out again.
  3. A new start

    That sounds like a good time. Not sure which character I should make.
  4. Discord and Forum Updates

    Additionally, I'd like to formally announce a contest and prize. The first person to achieve 100 [quality] posts on the forums will win a $50 (USD) gift card. !
  5. Hello everyone! I hope everyone has been enjoying the server and community. I'd like to take a moment and say hello and welcome to all of our new members. You may notice that there were some updates to the Discord channels. At this time, only the General channel can accept messages. The reason for this change is for everyone ultimately communicate on the forums. The general channel can still be used to help coordinate games and chat in real time. Each time there is a new post on the forums, Discord will automatically send a notification to the Gal da Val Channel. It'll let everyone know that there is activity on the forums. Trades, game organizations, challenge mode, and other general conversations about the game, you may use this board. http://galdaval.com/forum/4-phantasy-star-online-episodes-i-and-ii/ For other topics, such as technical help, recovery, home-brew, please use this board. http://galdaval.com/forum/14-technical-support-recovery-and-bug-reporting/ The main idea is that to attract new members and players to the community. When a prospective player arrives and they see a bustling forum and community, they are more inclined to be a part of it. It's a wonderful way to attract new members. Thanks everyone and happy hunting
  6. Introduction

    So glad that you're here! Welcome!!
  7. In addition and aside from PSO, what other games do you play?
  8. Glad I was able to afFord it. It's a 2005 Ford F-150 FX4. It only had 141,000 miles on it and one owner. The previous owner kept meticulous maintenance on it. It's in GREAT condition, my mechanic said I can easily have it for another 15-20 years. it gets better... I switched insurance companies. For two drivers, two vehicles, and the EXACT same deductible, coverages, etc. My premium went down $500! Looking forward to all the adventures to be had with it.
  9. Anyone find this adorable?

    Haha, I don't know what I am looking at
  10. Gosh, I have been playing this game for 17 years now. It's crazy to think about! I remember playing this game for a bit on Dreamcast in 2000. For some reason, I stopped playing. A year later, Gamecube came out and I had one. One day, my best friend Michael came over with a copy of PSO and instantly I was hooked. I immediately got my own copy and ordered the online modem (yay 56k days). Been seventeen years now and I've been playing it off and on. What about you guys? What's your story?
  11. I'd have to say that my favorite to play are Forces, specifically the FOnewearl. I just think that she's a great blend between Support and Attack. Second, I'd have to go with Hunters. I've never gotten the hang of playing Rangers and don't have all the good items. What type of roles do you guys enjoy playing?
  12. There are still new players, believe it or not! I just got a few people into Pso. How would you tell others about the game? What would you do that they, hopefully, end up playing the game a long time? What are you doing to grow the community?
  13. Hi, Can you post a picture of the error? You shouldn't have to register your SN/AK.
  14. I just saw Kingsman: Golden Circle tonight. It was a great film and enjoyable. Loved the first one so I was really looking forward to this one.
  15. The recovery server is able to reset Serial/Access/Password
  16. Passion of the Blacksmith

    I'm happy to announce that we'll have a custom quest uploaded shortly. This was created by phoenixmog and he's given us permission to host it. It's a fun quest! You definitely need multiple people in order to complete this quest. Have fun! ________________________________ Quest Name Passion of the Blacksmith Short Description (Quest selection) Head deep into the Caves to find materials. Ultimate Only! 2+ Players Recommended! Created by Armand Long Description (Quest confirmation) Client: Armand Job description: I need strong hunters to head into a dangerous cavern before it collapses to find raw materials. Reward: ??? Meseta
  17. That's a weird bug. You'll have to reset the Serial with either an AR or another method.
  18. Monster Bash 5 is up!
  19. Christmas Quest

    This is a fun quest. Enjoy!
  20. It could be that they have already started a quest. Once a quest has started, the game is unjoinable.
  21. Working on the server and some more quests... 

  22. Hi there!

    Glad to have you aboard! Looking forward to new content
  23. Hey guys, So I have been contemplating possibly changing our URL to PSOGC.com As of now, it redirects to GalDaVal.com Do you suppose making PSOGC.com the active URL will be easier to gain players and members to our community? Or to keep it as is as to retain our identity and charm. Share your thoughts.
  24. Hey its Roland

    That's awesome! I'll join you guys as best as I can Yeah, the graphics still hold up pretty well. I play in 1440p on my computer. Would you put posting a photo of your tv with the game?

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