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  1. I am happy and excited to announce that Gal da Val is now online and will be online for 24/7! Please see the link for further information on how to connect.
  2. Server down ?

    Hey all. Server is back up. Sorry for the delay.
  3. I am happy to announce that the Gal da Val server is online and can accept connections. This server can and will be online 24/7. ***GAL DA VAL DNS - *** _____________________________________________________________________________ 1) Have a copy/ISO of the game, as well as the BBA (Broadband Adapter). 2) Launch the game with the BBA hooked onto the bottom of the Gamecube. Also make sure you have an Ethernet cord running from the slot of the BBA to your router for internet access. Click into your options menu from the main title screen. Next, proceed to the Network Options menu. This will take you to the BBA settings screen. 3) Once there, select any of the two options to use (doesn't matter which one) and then click the proceed button. In the first primary DNS slot, enter manually. Then, click through until you get to the end and save the file. 4) Once on the menu screen, click the Online option. Select your character and Agree to the popup.... You should be greeted at Gal da Val's welcome screen. At this time, all GameCube versions should be able to connect. Currently, there are no additional quests. If any of you would like to create quests or send me quest files, please let me know. I am still working out the kinks and if you see or notice any bugs, let me know. Please provide as much information as possible. Thanks, everyone for keeping this community alive.
  4. Hi, I apologize for the delay - i was with my family. Are you still having any issues?
  5. Are you on a GameCube, Wii or dolphin?
  6. At what step are you having issues? What is the dns that you have inputted? Are you receiving any any error codes?
  7. PSO Meetup

    Would anyone be interested in possibly a PSO meet up? It'll be fun, we can all play PSO offline split screen, just like the old days. We can kick back some wings, food, and beer. I can host in Nashville, TN! I have access to a lot of cool spaces. Hopefully we can do something like this next year around July or possibly June. What do you all think?
  8. PSO Meetup

    We'll have to go get a beer.
  9. PSO Recovery Server

    It should be up. I'll restart it.
  10. Hello everyone! @Scorn has been working on a Thanksgiving event. We all know and love Monster Bash. What if it offered a little more? Launching on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23, 2017, Gal da Val will have a special quest uploaded under Events. To give you a little taste of what's going on... There'll be mazes! There'll be rappies! There'll be boomas! It's gonna be bashing monsters! So get out your forks and knives, we will be carving through boomas! See you all this weekend.
  11. Thanksgiving Event - Monster Bash Expansion

    November 22, 2017. Wednesday evening at 9pm CST.
  12. There should be a specific TTF downlowdable version.
  13. PSO Meetup

    Yeah, I can get GC memory cards for all of us. We can load up all of our save files and we'll go to split screen.
  14. PSO Meetup

    This probably won't be till late December. How does that sound for you guys? @Rapture @Aion
  15. PSO Meetup

    I'll be in Corona, @Rapture. I can bring a GameCube/Wii. We can use GCMM to move our Dolphin files to an actual GC memory card! haha.
  16. PSO Meetup

    Where in California? I'll be traveling to Sacramento area and Southern California area in December. @Aion is also in SoCal.
  17. Lagportation of the past

    Good to see you here, man! Hopefully we can play together sometime soon.
  18. It restarted. My apologies for that!
  19. HI, There is a separate file for Towards the Future (offline). Let me know if there are any bugs or issues. Thanks!
  20. Hey everyone! Over the next few weeks, I intend on building content here for the Phantasy Star Online gamecube community. I envision this place to be a centralized area for all Gamecube Phantasy Star Online players. Here are some articles and guides that I would love to have here. If you'd like to volunteer for any of this, let me know and I'll coordinate with you on putting this up. Beginner's Guide Character Selection Tips and Tricks for a new player Connection Guide Homebrew for Nintendo Wii Gamecube Dolphin (Windows) Server guide (various servers and how to connect) In addition, I'd like to encourage everyone to post on the forums and generate content! It'd be great to for this place to thrive and hopefully attract new players. Thanks! -Tommy
  21. PSO Meetup

    Offline CMOde sounds like a blast.
  22. I've had various careers in my life. haha. I went from six years in the Marine Corps to working in the corporate world. In my corporate jobs, I worked in supply chain for pharmaceuticals and then after that, I was an IT Professional for a major health-care company. Now, after that, I am now working at our church as the middle school youth pastor.

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