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  4. I'm playing PSO+ on Dolphin 5.0 and every time I try to download a quest it softlocks at the "Please wait." prompt or gives error No.100 ("The line was disconnected")
  5. Hi everyone, I just joined and I am looking for fellow PSO Gamecube players! I have a lvl 26 HUcast named Mega Drive. Looking forward to reliving classic PSO!
  6. PSO Recovery Server

    Guess I forgot that so I added it in. Save states will copy all items currently held on your character whenever you make a save. And loading that state or any other will send you to a game with those items already made in front of the teleporter to the principal. As for the char manager just dont use it at all.
  7. Introduction

  8. Introduction

    I'm trying to get online with you guys but can't find the instructions
  9. I'm sorry, I'm really new to this. Is there a sticky post for how to get on and play with this server? I'm super stoked to play with you guys.
  10. I'm interested and legit. I've been online a handful of times about 10 years ago. Just found out this community is still alive. I need to figure out what it take to get online but as soon as I can I will be active close to daily.
  11. Downloadable Quests

    I would like to know as well. SotH FSOD and the others I've tried all give me a error 100 line disconnected. Any news?
  12. PSO Recovery Server

    Could you detail more the features? What does exactly the save states do? If my memory card corrupts can I get my char back? What exactly is reinitialized with the char manager? I don't want to try without knowing exactly what it does. Thanks!
  13. I have a giveaway for people. This is strictly on GCN (of course). I have a bunch of spares of units and weapons for everybody. I'll list off what I got in my spare banks and you can take what you want from them. I urge players to take only 1 weapon, 1 armor, 1 unit, 1 mag and 1 combination item from the list each as I'm not a bank with infinite items (despite how long I've been playing). Since I have no need for these items, I will let you all pick and choose what you want from them. I urge players to take only 1 weapon, 1 armor, 1 unit, 1 mag and 1 combination item from the list each as I'm not a bank with infinite items (despite how long I've been playing). Since I have no need for these items, I will let you all pick and choose what you want. Weapons: Chain Sawds x25 (various stats) Demolition Comets x32 (various stats) Sange's x12 (various stats) Charge Rayguns 50h x13 (various stats) Charge Vulcans 50h x9 (various stats) Charge Diskas 50h x6 (various stats) Charge Arms 50h x14 (various stats) Charge Lasers 50h x3 (various stats) Hell Rayguns 50h x4 (various stats) Hell Laser 45h x6 (various stats) Arrest Rayguns 45h x5 (various stats) Demons Rayguns 45h x10 (various stats) Frozen Shooters x33 (various stats) Spread Needles x17 (various stats) Yasminkov 9000Ms x9 (various stats) Armors: Luminous Fields x4 Guard Waves x9 Flame Garment x3 Aura Field x2 Virus Armor Lafuteria x1 Units: God/Arms x13 God/Powers x10 God/Minds x8 God/Lucks x2 God/HP x9 God/Body x16 God/Battle** x4 Mags: About 43 5/145/50/0 OR 5/150/45/0 Twins mags available. 1 Max stat plan mag for each class (all celled already, ask for details). Combination items: Blue Black Stone x1 Photon Booster x1 Magic Rock Heart Key x1 Photon Sphere x1 I also have a selection of spare SRANKS with generic names and SPECIALS INCLUDED: Srank Rifle Arrest Srank Shot Hell Srank Slicer Demons Srank Mechguns Demons Srank J-Cutter Arrest Srank Twin (double saber) Berserk Srank Sword Spirit Srank Hammer Geist Srank Needle Gush Please PM me if you want anything from the list. It's also going on the Discord. First come first serve. Will update this list as time goes.
  14. Server down ?

    Hey all. Server is back up. Sorry for the delay.
  15. Server down ?

    Can confirm that I am getting Error No.102 upon entry when using the current DNS
  16. It seems no one can connect getting error 102
  17. I tried to connect with my Gamecube Broadband Adapter with Pso 1+2 and I can't connect. It keeps telling me that either the information is wrong or the server is offline but I'm sure the server isn't offline? I'm also sure my information is correct. I'm using the DNS given to me on the connect page. Any advice?
  18. Hullo

    I'm a long time PSO player. Started on Gamecube in 2003 and have been playing ever since. Gamecube is my home and my Bread & Butter for gaming as far as PSO goes. Glad to be here. Hope to play with some wonderful people.
  19. Hello everyone

    Glad you enjoy them, someone asked me to upload the songs a long time ago and so i did.
  20. Hello everyone

    Hey Kireek! I still listen to your PSO music playlists on YouTube. Nice to see you are around.
  21. Hello everyone

    Hey! the famous KIREEK PSO
  22. Hello everyone

    Hello Bud!
  23. Hello everyone

    I feel like i'm way to late for the party, i did find maybe 1 or 2 servers at random while searching for other things, but not this one, only when i decided to check reddit links did i saw this one and i'm suprised to see it's a GC server, that's pretty neat, it stands out in it's own way. Don't know if anyone here knows me, i don't play on a GC and i don't have the game, but i do know the game to a certain extent, so don't mind me all that much, i'm just here to check how things are, how they progress, what players find of the experience and so on. Hi everyone.
  24. Gal da Val Server Connection Info

    Thank you for this info. Can you add what we need to do with serial/access key/password screens as i think this has to do with the reason why i cannot connect.
  25. Hi Rain thank you for the advice but unfortunately it didnt help by using random numbers instead.
  26. Hey, I guess the problem is right here. Did you use a code like "0000000000"? That's not working because the game blocks these kind of codes automaticly. You have to use more than one number in a random variation.
  27. Yep! My avatar is also the same too. I am on there now.
  28. Are you on there as Chelsea?
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