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Welcome to Gal da Val

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Take a moment to join us, head down to Ragol and join your fellow Hunters.

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    Dolphin Connection Guide


    Note: Dolphin 5.0 can connect online by emulating the Broadband Adapter. You must install the OpenVPN Tap Virtual Adapter and bridge your connection in order for this to work. It is how Dolphin is coded. This currently only works for Windows operating systems.

    1. Install Dolphin 5.0 here https://dolphin-emu.org

    2. You must have a copy of Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II or Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II Plus. If you need the ISO, let me know and I'll buy and send you a copy. I am more than happy to do this for you if it means you'll get to play.

    3. Configure Dolphin however you wish with your controller and graphic settings. 

    4. Go to the GameCube tab under Config and select the BroadBand Adapter. IugNXLK.png



    Setting up a VPN

    Dolphin needs a bridged Virtual Private Network to function. I used OpenVPN.


    Choose the .exe for Windows.

    You only have to install the TAP Virtual Adapter. Once you have a VPN installed, bridge the VPN with your real network connection. Assuming Win 10, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections, select the VPN and your connection at the same time, then right click them and choose Bridge.


    6. Boot up PSO. If this is your first time, it'll ask you to Agree to the terms. Click Agree. When it prompts you for the Calendar and if you want to return, click NO. Doing Yes will cause Dolphin to freeze. 

    Follow the following screens. Go to Options -> Network Option -> Provider Option. Follow through the following screens.












    Use the current Gal da Val DNS.


    You do not need to enter anything here for Proxy.



    Now, you should be able to go back to the Main Menu, click Online Game and you should be able to connect? 

    Any issues, please post about it in the forums.

    Edited by Tommy

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